Sunday, August 15, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 226

Hall bath demo continues. Michael Smith came by today to drop off the most adorable baby gifts from Jennifer (who's currently playing competitive water polo in Columbia--no joke), so we put him to work while he was here. He helped us pick up sheet rock and hardie board from Home Depot, then did some heavy lifting with Raf to get the tub out.

We definitely discovered what that nasty smell on the other side of the wall was coming from. I'll spare you the photos and goriest details, but, as expected, there had been a huge rat nest in that big nook under the tub. And, of course, rats and all their ickyness mean rot and stink. Ugh. So. Freaking. Gross. And here's what kills me--we could have done a basic remodel without tearing out every last thing in this room and would have never found that, hence never got it cleaned up and fixed so that it doesn't happen again. Double Ugh! And another thing (can you tell I'm fired up!)--it appears that someone had left a big pile of insulation in the corner under the tub (not to mention a bunch of sheet rock scraps)?!?! Why would you do that?! Insulation=rat nest love. And it clearly wasn't drug there by the varmint, cuz it was a solid piece. Triple UGH!!
Luckily I have a wonderful husband with a strong stomach who's getting it all cleaned up so we can have a pretty, new, FRESH space!

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