Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Wait just a second here. Not only are they turning one of my favorite books into a movie, but they're doing it with Julia Roberts?!!? Best Day Ever! And I don't know who Javier Bardem is, but...swoon!

9 more days. I can't wait! And if you haven't already read the book, you must. Seriously. If you expect us to remain friends, you must. Unless you wouldn't enjoy this type of book. Then don't. And we probably shouldn't be friends anyway.


Jordan said...

seriously, this is why you should've watched Vicky Christina Barcelona, Javier Bardem is so sexy! He's dating Penelope Cruz who I am also in love with. Go rent that now please.

brooke said...

ok ok! i put it on hold at the library...again. but then i just noticed that it's on sale at target stores for $6.50, and i'm that bored, so maybe i'll just go see if they have it in stock there. keep ya posted!

Good Times and Chaos said...

My Book Club is just now finishing it...I am in love! I can't wait for the movie!!!!

Ally said...

talk about Quantum entanglement, two posts apart in my reader you and

Both talking about Javier Bordem!!

Fantastic - I may go and by that book tonight at your direction x