Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Baby Shower!!

Thanks to these lovely ladies (Kelli, Abby & Gina), I had the best baby shower ever! They hosted at Gina's, which is always wonderful because she has such a great entertaining space. And the weather was perfect, so we spent most of our time outside.

The best news for everyone present: no games! I can't even tell you how many "thank yous" I've gotten for that one. But I didn't even insist this time--it was all these girls knowing that crafts are always better than games when I'm involved! They had everyone make their own little decoupaged alphabet blocks (cut from scrap redwood by Garrett, Kelli's husband). I can't wait to see (and play with) the finished product!
The nosh-style food selection was also fabulous, of course. As indicated by everyone huddling around the food table!
The only thing I'll never get used to is gift opening time. Seriously, there must be a better way. Right?? I have such wonderful and generous friends that the gift table overfloweth (big time!) Which then means hours of everyone sitting around watching me open gifts. I always feel so bad for everyone. But at least at baby showers everything is super cute!
Yes, I get really excited about the basics, like pump & freeze bags, and cloth diapering components!
LOL! I love this picture! This is what I mean!! There must be a more entertaining way to open gifts! Maybe it can be turned into a game...?!?
Magda brought 6-week old Thiago out for the festivities! Isn't he freaking adorable?!?!! And so sweet and mellow. Love him! Congrats again, Mags!!
Let the picture taking begin! (I have to tell you, I don't feel all that huge until I see pictures of myself with my head looking like a watermelon. Ugh. It's torture! At least all my friends look adorable!)
Btw, how is it possible that my mom and aunt come to visit me for 3 days and I don't end up with a single photo with them?!? Ugh! I hate that. But thanks for making the trek, you two! It was SO great to have family there. And thanks to all of you wonderful ladies for joining and helping me celebrate! I had such a wonderful time!!! I am one lucky girl.

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