Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 197 (July 17th)

You know what that is--a shower curtain. And guess what that means--we're using our new master bath! WOOO HOOOO!!!!
It's SO fabulous! I mean, seriously, look at that marble subway tile! I'm so stoked I held out until we found the one store on the planet that carries them. (And invested months convincing Raf that they would be perfect.)
There's still work to be done before it's finished (namely building a cabinet and shelves in the nook), but nothing that can't wait until after the baby's born.
Yet another shout out to Door Sixteen for providing the inspiration for our master bath. We really just stole their design and interpreted it to work for us and our space. And it sure does work! We're totally smitten with our new bathroom. One of these days I'll post a complete before and after...but it has to be completely finished before I go that far!


Jordan said...

great job guys! It looks awesome. Now Raf can join the family business of being all carpetnerish.

Julia said...

Amazing! Congrats :)

Bryn said...

Now I'm serious. Please come and re-do my whole house. This looks AWESOME! The other bathroom looks great too. Hope you're doing well!