Monday, August 9, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 215 (August 4th)

We hardly ever use our air conditioning, and thankfully it's been a mild summer in Livermore, so we haven't needed it more than a few days. It was working fine when we turned it on for a couple of the scorchers at the beginning of the summer, but the last time I tried it all it did was blow stale air. Ugh.

So, I scheduled a general AC service for them to come check everything out, tune it up, etc. Being Livermore, it took 3 weeks to even get this appointment. Of course. So the guy gets here, spends a good 2 hours checking everything out, and other than one small part that could use replacing eventually, guess what the only problem was? The breaker for the AC wasn't turned all the way on!
Woo hoo for being idiots! No seriously. I would way rather be an idiot than be quoted prices for a new unit. Whew.

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