Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Lost Posts

While emailing a friend about ideas for her upcoming wedding in Cabo, I attempted to refer back to a photo on my blog from Gina and Eric's wedding last summer...only to find that I never posted about their wedding...WTF?!? No seriously. I specifically remember meticulously choosing favorite photos--even writing about it. So I click on the "drafts" button in my "edit posts" tab only to find a handful of posts dating back to July 15th...OF LAST YEAR!!! Ugh!

I have a habit of starting posts and coming back to finish them later. Blogger is just so annoyingly tedious when it comes to uploading multiple photos that anytime I'm blogging about events that include lots of photos, I tend to only have the patience or energy for either getting the photos uploaded or writing--not both. So evidently at least 3 of the weddings we attended last summer never got covered, not because I didn't make time to post them, but because I forgot to push the stupid "publish" button!

I've also noticed recently that there are many wedding-related elements, for instance, that I had fully intended to blog about (perhaps even thought I did), that are nowhere to be found on Apt 345. So perplexing. I make no promises that I'll go back at this point and blog about those things, because frankly, you're probably not interested! But I do fully intend to post the drafts that never made it public. Consider this a warning that if you're confused thinking so-and-so got married last year--they did. I'm just an airhead.

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